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Touching Families, Changing Lives

Over the years, we have been "parents" and a "home" to over 1,000 young men and have learned many lessons along the way. We provide practical tools and resources to better equip families to stand firm against an onslaught of negative cultural influences.
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The Burden of Boredom

Why are we so bored?

Is Marriage Passč?

Is marriage relavent in this current generation?

What Should We Say to Our Children About Politics?

Can I say anything good?

Being A Better Parent

11 Points of Perspective

What Is A Role Model?

Who Are You Following?

Quitting Weed is Not So Easy

Approximately 14 million teens and adults use marijuana on a regular basis.

Real Teens Talk On Drugs - Part III

Paul Anderson Teens talk frankly about drug use

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Dangerous Trends

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