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Paul Anderson Ministries

Families are the heartbeat of our society. Paul Anderson’s book, The Home: Society’s Pacemaker, states: “When the home grows weak, society immediately follows suit.” If we want to see our society change, we must begin with families. 

Our vision is simply to be an upstream solution to the problems that parents are encountering.  As an organization, we are uniquely equipped for this as we have been working with teenagers and their families for 48 years at the Paul Anderson Youth Home, a residential alternative for young men between the ages of 16-21 that would otherwise be incarcerated. 

Since 1961, we have been “parents” and a “home” to over 1000 young men and have learned practical lessons along the way! We have not forgotten the fact that each young man who enters our home represents a family, a community, and society. A changed life has the potential to impact countless others, and the differences we see in “our young men” are truly life-changing. By planting God’s Word in their lives and encouraging them to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially, they have the opportunity to be transformed into men of character.

It is this experience along with the information we have captured, interviews we have conducted, and problems we have confronted that provide us with the resources to disseminate to larger audiences via the internet, publications, speaking engagements, and through parenting conferences what is going on in the home. It is the mission of Paul Anderson Ministries to provide practical tools and resources to better prepare and equip families to stand firm against the increase of negative cultural influences.

 Touching families.  Changing lives.

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